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“The DJ plays the hits, but I prefer the B-Sides” –”Drive” by The Resonant Heads




(click on images to enlarge)




Mondays 2pm – 4pm

Picture a disco dance club teeming with lip-glossed, eye-shadowed, spaghetti-strapped foxes and bell-bottomed, open-collared, gold-adorned hunks.Visualize a swingin’ bachelor pad with faux fur, mood lighting, and deep, funkyrhythms. Can you get to that? That’s where Starskee’s head is when he (along with various members of the Leisure Patrol) presents the mostly analog world of the Tough Tulip Audio Revival: 1970s Funk, Soul, R’n'B, Disco…and beyond.

(The second hour of some shows will feature TBA co-host-directed journeys into revive-able audio…)

About Starskee:

Starskee Suavé started in FM radio in 1989, playing all styles of music. In
1992, he joined a mobile roller disco club and subsequently launched a seventies
radio show. He has more than 18.5 years of experience spinning vinyl Funk,
Disco, Soul, and R ‘n’ B for FM radio, clubs, public events, and private
parties. He also cooks, sews, cleans, and recycles. In his spare time, he is a
legend. He is addicted to faux fur (mostly leopard).



Mondays 9pm – 11pm

Community Service is a radio show devoted to reflect the varied tastes of music, news, and opinion derived from living in the middle of the most dynamic melting pot in the United states. The unique collisions of tastes and cultures in Los Angeles have fueled musical tastes which are not only regional in scope, but which also borrow from every sub-culture around.  Our belief is that an open mind to music in all of it’s forms will lead to an enticing and though provoking weekly show which placates our individual tastes while also charming our pre-conceived notions about Los Angeles.  Host Jaime Chavez will be spinning everything from Rocksteady to Hip Hop; classic punk rock, to current indie favorites and everything in between.  He will also keep you updated on local functions, current venues, and strange happenings hidden in the rough interior of one of the best cities in the United states.


“The Alter-Native Hour” w/ DJ Co-Cola and Guest DJs

Tuesdays 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Alter-Native Hour is a weekly show hosted by Co-Cola and Guest Dj’s every Tuesday from 8:00-10:00 Pacific Time. Here you will hear the best of 80’s and 90’s Alternative as well as newer artists that are keeping the AlterNative dream alive. The people of of Los Angeles need the musical taste of sugar and syrup to sweeten up your night. Bring your foot spray because it’s gonna get funky!

Find Previous Episodes Here:


“The New New WRTZ Show” w/ Rob Z

Wednesdays at 2pm and (re-broadcast Sundays at 8 pm)

How we doin’ gang?

Rob Zylowski here, but you may know me by my more easily pronounceable nomenclature, Rob Z.

Anywho. I’m tickled as a pig in… what is it that pigs are tickled by? Nevermind. I’m really happy to be a part of the InTraffikRadio station.

Many years ago in a little town on Long Island, New York i used to have a radio show called THE NEW WRTZ. (note the east coast call letters) i was broadcasting out of my bedroom on the most sophisticated dual cassette recorder a 15yr old could afford. (I blame the movie “PUMP UP THE VOLUME” for my desire to be a dj. Damn you Christian Slater!) i would make these “radio shows” for friends for birthdays and holidays. Mix tapes where I would play dj and a wide cast of characters. THE NEW WRTZ X-MAS SPECTACULAR was a big hit. (circa 1993-2005)

Anywho. Anywho. I moved to LA in the fall of ‘98 and I’ve been around the LA music scene block a few times. I hosted the punk rock powerhouse known as KISS OR KILL for 5 yrs. I’ve been doing my own show, THE ROB Z PROGRAM, for the past 4yrs and counting. THE RZP is a variety music night bringing a different musical theme to every show, ie. rock, lounge, country,acoustic, spoken word, female artists, etc. etc. etc.

And so brings us to THE NEW, NEW WRTZ. an audio extension of the ROB Z PROGRAM. my goal is to bring you a tasty combo platter of the music that gets me going and hopefully you’ll go along too. A variety music show with eclectic fare ranging anywhere from PRIMUS to PRIMA, DEAN MARTIN to DEAD MILKMEN, MINGUS to MORPHINE and all points in between. You know, whatever feels right.

…and there you have it. Hope you dig it.

-rob z


little w/ Mat & Joanne

First and Third Thursdays at 10:30 PM – 12 AM
Good people doing good things
You know how many people in LA wanna be stars?  We’re gonna tell you. 1st & 3rd Thurs.

Mat and Joanne met. They started a radio show. They want to make their friends famous, one good person at a time. Scene talk with select music.
check out previous “little” episodeshere


“The Galactic Traveler” w/Anita Milton and Vivian Hope

First and Third Thursday of every month from 8pm – 9pm

“Everyone has a story worthy of being shared.”

Vivian Hope and Anita Milton have met some of the galaxy’s most interesting and unique people in their journeys.  Be prepared to be entertained, shocked, and amused as the Galactic Traveler brings you these hand-picked people to share their stories.  In between tales, enjoy new releases and classic tracks selected by Vivian and Anita.

check out previous “Galactic Traveler” episodes here



First and Third Friday of every month from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

A Radio Show unlike any other. Hosted by the Teen Founders of Youth Arts Outreach (YAO), a group of young and insane artists from different disciplines, exploring the world of the arts. One of their goals is to gain a better understanding of the commonalities in the arts which leads to a better understanding of themselves. They are showing the general public how art can change the world.

Every first and third Friday of the month, these young active producers will be bringing you discussions on trending topics, the arts (film, art, photography, fashion, design, etc.), culture, lifestyle all to the background of good music from both local and established artists. They’ll also introduce you to the best from L.A. and the O.C.’s Underground.

Learn more about Youth Arts Outreach here



Fridays 7pm – 8pm

GOOD MEDICINE, hosted by Dr. Katrina Miller (Dr. K) webcasts LIVE every Monday from 7pm to 8:00pm Pacific Time on Covering the latest in health and medical news, answering listeners’ questions and delving deeper in the issues that affect and enhance our well-being, she also plays a great selection from the legion of L.A. indie bands! You deserve to feel and hear better…

Call in 213-484-6639 to talk.

AOL IM: drgroovyster to write

Shows have included the following topics: Over the Counter STD tests, Induced Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest, Puberty coming at younger ages in girls..and why…obesity? estrogen in the ground water? BPA? Also osteoarthritis in women who wear high heels, sex education in North Carolina, and “Things that make you SICK”!

Plus tunage by Bowie, Beck, Phoenix, Phaser, Bad Brains, Bang Sugar Bang, Gnarls Barkley, George Sarah, Snake River Conspiracy, Spirit Vine, Spiritualized, Vanaprasta, Valerna, Floormodel, Flying Lotus, Orb, Orbital, etc.

Check out this episode and past episodes of Good Medicine at


“MIXBELIEVE” w/ DJ Antonio Cuevas

Fridays 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

It’s Friday night and it’s time to get down! Down the rabbit hole where the world of MIXBELIEVE is a mix of dance and electronic music with host DJ Antonio Cuevas.

Imagine a long hall with doors, and behind every door is audio gorgeousness … or audio freakishness.

Every week, MIXBELIEVE parties to the tune of a particular sound.

It’s all about the dance and bass music: all the Momma and Daddy genres like house, electro, techno, global, PLUS all their babies — even the bastard non-categorizables and especially the next-level outer-space tracks.

Some of our favorite sounds: Abstract Beats, Dubstep, Juke, Witch House/Drag, Ghettotek, Moombahton, Kwaito House, Electro-Cumbia.

MIXBELIEVE is a music DJ project by Antonio Cuevas, who is a digital crates raider and curator of cutting-edge and underground music mixes.

check out previous “MIXBELIEVE” episodes here


Stay tuned for more info coming soon regarding this station, the music we’ll be playing, the radio shows exclusive to this station and their hosts! Thanks! –The Team