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Featured Make-Up Artist for March: Pro Artist Vanessa Comar


photo by Jessy Plume

photo by Jessy Plume



With a resume that includes Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, Red Carpet Events, Awards Shows, Music Videos, and the world Extreme Sports, Make-Up Artist Vanessa Comar has it covered when it comes to making people look good.

As this March’s Featured Make-Up Artist over the next few weeks you will learn some of Vanessa’s insider “Tricks of the Trade” beginning with this Q & A Session. Keep checking back as she reveals her favorite producs and provides some how to “step by step” advice including on how to get lips that are perfect plump.


TRAFFIK: Where are you from originally and where are you based now?

VC: Born in NY raised in Cali, live and work in LA


TRAFFIK: How did you get involved in doing makeup and why?

VC: Officially I’m sure it had something to do with Color Energy by Cristinia Bornstein, but I was already doing covers for the Santa Barbara Independent in 2001 for the fashion editions as well as styling the wardrobe as a fashion editor’s assistant.

After art school and during the launch of my own clothing line I returned to doing make-up/product development in 2004 for Tony & Tina Cosmetics (T&T), a company ironically based from NY.

I quickly became the Trend Consultant for Nordstrom’s regionally throughout the Southern California doors for T&T.  Stila Cosmetics  brought me out to LA in 2006 and I worked for them while attending the Art Institute majoring in Graphic Design.

It was a blast! Travel and lots of free product every season combined with training for the new “in look”


TRAffIK: What are some of the various projects/shoots you have done make-up for?

VC: Recently…

Red Carpet event w/Linda Cardellini

Lisa Kline Shoot

TWS Awards Show Hosts

Fuel TV Host

Rad Girls ( 

 For Lisa KlineTransWorld Skateboarding Awards Hosts photo by ZEX SportsRad Girls for

( from left to right: for Lisa Kline, TWS Awards photo by ZEX Sports, RAD Girls for –  click on images to enlarge)


TRAffIK: What type of scenarios/situations (tv, commercial, fashionshow/runway, photo shoots, etc.) do you most like doing make-up for?

VC: Private Clients, Fashion Shows, Product Development


TRAffIK: What do you enjoy about doing make-up?

VC: It’s relaxing! And of course making people beautiful, FX or character make-up never caught on with me, it’s always been about fashion and beauty or demonstrating technique.


TRAffIK. Do you remember the first make-up item that you purchased or used? What was it?

VC: I really bought into skin care first, and then when MAC  first came out, I was ALL OVER that!!!


TRAffIK: At what age did you start wearing make-up? What made you start?

VC: Well, I was kinda a tomboyish sorta girl and resisted until about junior high, but then fell in love with the whole thing.


TRAffIK: Are you able to tell what colors would work best on someone just by looking at them? How?

VC: There are really great ways to predict what will work on someone. I start with looking at eye color and skin tone.


TRAffIK: Is there a make-up look that you feel works for everyone?

VC: Anything you can put together in three steps is the perfect everyday look. Less is more, more or less.


TRAffIK: What is the biggest or most common mistake that you feel people make when it comes to make-up?

VC: Looking at magazines and trying to re-create a photo-shopped image


TRAffIK: What would your advice be for someone who has never worn make-up but wants to start?

VC: The best advice is to sit down with the pros near you. Either in a flagship store or a department store counter. Ask the manager who they recommend and sit down for an hour, it’s free.


TRAffIK: What do you feel makes a great make-up artist?

VC: Perseverance, confidence, and talent.


TRAffIK: What are some of the most common questions you get from women in regards to makeup?

VC: How do I do the smokey eye?


TRAffIK: Are there any people in your field that you look up to?

VC: Janice Dickinson’s make-up artist team, she always looks amazing!


TRAffIK: Are there any celebrities whose makeup you think always looks great?

VC: Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce


TRAffIK: Is there any celebrity (or multiple celebrities) whose makeup you would love to do? Why?

VC: Meghan Fox. Basically, people that can constantly re-invent themselves.


TRAffIK: How would you describe your personal make-up approach?

VC: Fresh appeal, bringing out individual beauty through features.


TRAffIK: What is your going out make-up process (either daily morning getting ready or nighttime)?

VC: I’m a total chameleon with my make-up and will almost never repeat the same look twice.


TRAffIK: Is there any product or beauty regimen that you swear by?


1. exfoliate

2. use lip conditioner daily

3.throw away old product!!! Anything more than 2 years old.

4. shape the brows

5. illuminate


TRAffIK: What is your favorite feature (eyes/lips/face) to do make-up for?

VC: Creating high cheekbones and full luscious lips

Simone Lotter photo by Chris Carlo Make-up by Vanessa Comar
Simone Loffer photo by Chris Carlo Make-up by Vanessa Comar


TRAffIK: How do you feel about permanent make-up?

VC: Brows look pretty good if done right. Not a fan of permanent eye or lip liner.


TRAffIK: How do you feel about plastic surgery?

VC: I would recommend upper eye lid surgery for more crease. There are so many things you can do these days, just make sure it fits your profile.


TRAffIK: For someone who is getting their make-up done by you, what kind of experience can they expect?

VC: More relaxing than intimidating with great results, I let the client be a part of the experience.


TRAffIK: If you weren’t a make-up artist what would you be?

VC: A unicorn


TRAffIK: What do you do to unwind?

VC: Bubble bath or hit the gym, or both


TRAffIK: What are some of your favorite places to shop for make-up?

VC: Sephora, Ulta


what are they wearing?
Models (Tonya and Suzie) and Vanessa are all wearing