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I had a conversation with a friend at Make Music Pasadena. We concluded that the Indie Rock Stage needs to get shifted to the park and the Emerging Artist Stage needs to get shifted to Colorado Blvd. That’s our recommendation, because it was one packed day of great bands.

Saint Motel

I saw Saint Motel about two years back. I think they are a much improved band. They started the day for me by bringing a little Silver Lake to Pasadena.


Morning Benders

The day hit a snag here. The band played one song and then a police officer went up on stage. The police wanted to clear out the sidewalk for fire code reasons. No one, especially those near the stage, wanted to clear the sidewalk area. Finally, the area was cleared by a handful of officers and the band went back to giving one of the better performances of the day.



It sounded like the ladies were totally into the lead singer.


Best Coast

Could the crowd squeeze in any tighter? This was obviously the band everyone came to see. Best Coast also got delayed as the crowd needed to get cleared out from a fire zone section. Almost as soon as they started, a bra came flying on stage. The lead singer, Bethany, picked it up, “This is my first ever bra.” By the midpoint of the set, folks were crowd surfing, and a push towards the stage and to the sides started. At this point, Bethany stopped the set for a brief moment, “Don’t push. There are some real cuties at the front getting smashed. Don’t push.” And you know what, the crowd listened. There was still crowd surfing after her comment, but the push towards the stage stopped. As their set came to a close, a member from Make Music Pasadena ran over to the drummer. Something was whispered. I suspect it was, “That was your last song.” Bethany addressed the audience, “How long have we played? F*!ck that s!*t. We’re playing two more songs.” Considering this was the band folks were there to see, I think she made the right call. Noticed: Best Coast had their set list on paper plates, which they proceeded to toss out to fans after their set.


Comment heard from the crowd:This is way better than last year!

My thoughts on that comment: Last year had Matt & Kim and Warpaint. Saying it is better is a matter of personal opinion, but saying it is way better seems biased . . .


Ra Ra Riot

Okay, the lead singer admitted that he threw out his shoulder in the morning reading the newspaper. Now one might ask: who reads an actually newspaper anymore? Well, I say, this is a person I like, because I still read the newspaper. As for the violinist, the comment heard from my section of the crowd, “She’s so cute.” Due to all the delays driven by the fire code requirements, the Indie Rock Stage was behind schedule. A DJ was scheduled to play at 7:30 p.m. and so the Make Music Pasadena staff started setting up the DJ table during the middle of the set. I think the violinist found this distracting.


Jenny O

It was a shift to the Emerging Artist Stage here. Jenny O was a nice change of pace. “Can I get more acoustic, sound guy . . . ?” That was a funny comment as the sound guy had apparently disappeared for a moment.



They came to throw a party. Leis were brought and eventually tossed into the audience. Folks were asked to stand up – the stage area had seats lined up – and not only did folks stand, but they also rushed towards the stage. And as their set ended, a call was made for folks to jump on stage for a group dance. To end it all the lead singer did a stage dive.


Zola Jesus

I couldn’t help but think of IO Echo and Nico Vega while watching Zola Jesus. She was dressed in white and I couldn’t figure out if she represented a floating ghost or a siren angel as she moved around the stage. She kept on heading into the audience during her set and security followed her each step of the way. I think she was trying her best to escape the security. The set ended with one massive scream. Zola Jesus, a nice way for the evening to end.


Metro: It was cool seeing the Gold Line packed. This was definitely a means of transportation to Pasadena.

I’ll make one negative comment here: I won’t name names, but one band was over-the-top disrespectful to Make Music Pasadena. Just my honest opinion.



Row 1: Nico Vega, Sweethead, The Shakers

Row 2: Pu$$y Cow, Pu$$y Cow, Dead Country

Row 3:  Rob Z Program/Z/Schnee and the Bleeding Livers, Stab City, Walking Sleep

Row 4: Spider Problem, Spider Problem, Kissing Cousins



Row 1: Eastern Conference Champions, Pollyn, Thee Hundred Days

Row 2: Tomorrow’s Tulips, The Dollyrots, The Dollyrots

Row 3: Captain Danger, Lucy Schwartz, Lucy Schwartz (Mona Tavakoli and Lucy’s Father as support band)

Row 4: Vanaprasta, Gliss, Red Cortez



Row 1: Pity Party

Row 2: Best Coast, The Mo Odds, The Slow Death

Row 3: Don Juan y Los Blancos, Local Natives, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Row 4: Amanda Jones and the Sugartits 3, Eastern Conference Champions (ECC), ECC

Row 5: Warpaint, Mad Planet, Mad Planet


Note from Editor: apologizes for not posting Notes from Vivace’s playlist at the end of October when he initially submitted it. Is it 2011 yet?

Growlers – “Someone Junior”

Cults -  “Go Outside”

Vetiver:  “Everyday”

Best Coast -  “When I’m With You” (more…)


Local Natives



from left to right : Growlers (pictured left and center) and Cults (pictured right)



from left to right: Vetiver (pictured top left top) and Warpaint







Last labor day weekend I ran my bike into a parking meter (and then because of that into a Stop sign, whose instruction I was clearly unable to adhere to) after far too many cocktails which led to a brutal toe injury and a need for new lens in my glasses…so I’m looking forward to a more music and less booze filled weekend this year, highlighted by the FYF Fest.  FYF is less than a week away and it is time to start mapping out a game plan.  The set times were recently announced and it’s looking like it will be an amazing day.   Planning these things out ahead of time is always a mistake because your friends will torpedo your well thought out logistics by, depending on who you bring: blacking out during the second set, potentially crying, getting lost, threatening to fight hipsters who they know will back down because they are more or less defense-less in their skinny jeans, hanging at the food court and insisting it has been their life long dream to eat 20 hot dogs in one day.  Your best bet is to decide on a place to reconvene at the end of the night and just hope for the best. Even still I can’t help myself so I’ve been mapping out the day in my head.

1:00 The Oak Stage: Magic Kids

Del says: Assuming I will be in Downtown LA @ 1pm after whatever occurs on a Friday night is giving my friends and I far too much credit.  That said if we get there that early this would be my selection.

1:40 The Sequoia StageCults
Del says: It’ll be 83 and sunny D-Town on Saturday. A perfect day for an end of summer music festival.   I can’t think of a better track to start the day with then Cults’ “Go Outside“. That extra 40 minutes will make all the difference for the rest of the day too.  I’m excited to see this band as I only really know three of their songs.  Normally I hate seeing artists whose music I’m unfamiliar with…but I have a feeling that won’t be the case with the Cults.

2:45 The Oak Stage: Best Coast
Del Says:  Best Coast’s “Crazy For You” is slowly becoming one of my more favorite albums of 2010.  I’m surprised this band is playing so early in the day.  I have no grasp on the popularity of bands I guess. To me this is like doing a fantasy draft and watching a stud player continue to go undrafted. “Why isn’t he getting picked? What don’t I know?” are the thoughts that run through my mind as I’m paralyzed with fear.  Note:  Warpaint will be playing over at the Redwood Stage at 3pm.  I’ve seen them twice already so I’ll be passing, but I recommend checking them out if you like all girl bands that thrash..and you might be able to see Shannyn Sossaman watching her sister Jenny Lee rock out.  Rounding out the female driven trifecta for this time block are the Screaming Females. I love their track “I Don’t Mind It”..but I refuse to miss Best Coast.

4:25 The Oak Stage: Wavves
Del says: After Best Coast there will be a nice window of opportunity for people to grab beers, hit the food trucks  God how I hope The Grill Em All Truck will be there. If not I’ll just save my rocking for Wavves.  ”King of the Beach” has been a favorite of mine and the rest of Intraffik since it came out. I’m imaging Wavves will attract a real mookish following full of bros with neon plastic shades and Hayden-esque haircuts but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Fuck I just referenced a Big Brother cast member while also sounding like one. Please kill me now.

5:45  The Redwood Stage:  Local Natives
Del says: I missed them when they toured Spaceland and the Bootleg so I’ll be rectifying those errors on Saturday.  I really wish I saw them at those tiny venues because  I’m going to guess that this band is going to have the biggest daytime gathering of all the bands in the lineup.  They’re the local darlings out of all of these local darlings, David Byrne has given them his seal of approval, and they’re only going to get bigger.

6:15 The Oak Stage: Titus Andronicus
Del says: They rock. Hard. Their show at the Bootleg was the only “indie” show I’ve been to in LA where I witnessed actual moshing.  They should not be skipped!

7:35 The Sequoia Stage: Washed Out
Del says: You couldn’t ask for a more polar opposite band from the previous act.  Washed Out will be a great sonic pallet cleanser and their sound will be the perfect soundtrack to watching the sun set over downtown LA.

8:10 The Sequoia Stage: Cold Cave
Del says: Get your inner Joy Division on with this Ian Curtis and Co sounding band.

9:10 The Sequoia Stage: School of Seven Bells
9:20 The Redwood Stage: !!!
Del says: This is the only conflict I have for the FYF Fest. This is the driving force for today’s piece. A few months ago this would have been a no brainer for me.  I’ve always been quite fond of !!!.  I loved their album “Myth Takes”…but then the School of Seven Bells went and threw a monkey wrench into my plans by releasing “Disconnect from Desire”    This week is the deciding period.  I’ve put SOSBs and !!! in a play list and I’ll see who I gravitate towards by the end of the week…but !!! are already behind the 8 ball because they’ll require a stage change where as School of Seven Bells will offer me the opportunity to stay put.  I’m opposed to walking. Truth be told I think my mind is already made up.  I got hooked on  ”Disconnect from Desire” right from the get go in a way that never happened with !!!’s newest release “Strange Weather, Isn’t It”.  It’s not to say that !!!’s album is bad, because it isn’t, but it didn’t replicate the “Myth Takes” love I once had.  I know they’re going to get their dance funk on so hard on Saturday so that’s the only thing keeping me from inking in the School of the Seven Bells.  Who would you choose?

!!! – Strange Weather, Isn’t It?

Highlights: “Jamie”, “My Intentions Are Bass”, “AM/FM”, “The Most Certain Sure”
School of Seven Bells – Disconnect From Desire

Highlights: “Windstorm,” “Heart is Strange,” “Bye Bye Bye,” “ILU”

10:10 The Sequoia Stage: Delorean
Del says: Delorean at the Echo was a great show.  I love The Echo and I love Delorean. Subiza is a fantastic album.  Please go revisit it if you haven’t yet downloaded it.  I have a feeling some babies will be made during their set!

11:10 The Sequoia Stage: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Del says: Not only do I love their most recent album “Before Today” but I need to see Ariel Pink as part of a redemption project for them.  You see I saw them earlier this year at Echoplex and of course it was a sucktacular time because…well…no shows are ever good at Echoplex. It’s a fact. I’ve yet to have a pleasant experience there. Echoplex, why can’t you be more like the Echo? Ariel Pink can erase that bad memory with a good set at FYF.


A friend of mine recently described Best Coast’s new album, “Crazy for You” as sounding like “Mazzy Star if Hope Sandoval was from Southern California.” I love the analogy, as any chance my teenage love for Hope can be rekindled I jump at it….but I’d save it for another Californa duo, Tamaryn’s “The Waaves”. Thanks to our difference of opinion I’ve just set you up to compare and contrast dueling Cali duos for the rest of their recorded careers.

Best Coast – “Crazy For You”

It is easy to fall for Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino. For those of you not familiar with Bethany, she was the glowing vocalist on the “All Summer” track put out by Converse.(I love that song). She seems like the perfect girl, outside of her love for her cat…and cats as a whole in general. Seriously check out her blog, the album cover, her lyrics where she wishes her cat could talk…it’s a bit much. OK, beyond her future as a lonely cat lady she seems pretty cool. She’s goofy, has an obsessive love for all things Seinfeld, and writes some hooky pop gems. Inspired by their sunny home state of California (Hence the moniker “Best Coast”) all of the songs on “Crazy For You” are washed in a surfer glow vibes with tinges of old school 50’s girl groups singing about her boyfriend, summertime, the beach…and weed. Like I said it’s a love letter to California. They love their weed here. Weed and Avocados. I’ll never understand it. I can’t figure out avocados but I can figure out Best Coast. They married simple hooks and melodies with simpler lyrics. Sometimes you just want to relax when you listen to music. Bethany’s voice takes each minimalist track and raises them to greater heights of carefree bliss.

Highlights: “Crazy For You,” “Boyfriend,” “When I’m With You,” “Our Deal,” “Happy”

Tamaryn – “The Wavves”

Sexy slow burning shoegaze set to the hushed vocals from the real heir to the Hope Sandoval throne. Reverb, Fuzz, and ethereal vocals are only part of the equation as you listen to their lead single, Sandstone…There’s a lot going on in each song. They would seem to be the anti-Best Coast. Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Highlights: “Sandstone,” “Cascades,” “Choir of Winter”