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Siria’s June Playlist

Siria’s 2:05 pm June Playlist

Gray and gloomy is my least favorite backdrop unless it’s leading into dark thundery-lightning striking-full on rainstorms…and I’m safe at home. I can only take about two days max of that, I’m glad I got to escape it at least a couple of times this month.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Courtney Love had finally wrangled some deal with one of the remaining big-name studios and we are all on the set of an early 90’s Kurt Cobain biopic where they’ve somehow managed to re-create Seattle weather in Southern California. If someone finds the secret switch controlling this please completely disactivate or rig it so both the on/off only have one effect…sunshine during the day.

With that said, I blame the weather for this playlist.

Deftones  – “Knife Party”  (White Pony)

Johnny Marr and the Healers – “Another Day” (Boomslang)

If I had to pick between Marr and Morrissey, I’d pick Marr everytime. Yeah, yeah…let the stoning begin.

The Dandy Warhols – “Smoke It” (Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars)

The Poor Excuses – “I’ll Do It”

Technically, I’m cheating by putting this on my list as I didn’t really listen to them at 2:05 pm…After listening to that Dandy Warhols’ song it made me think of LA based band The Poor Excuses. That made me go listen to them and that in turn made me wonder how they’re doing. Poor Excuses, how are you doing?

Sufjan Stevens – “Casimir Pulaski Day” (Come on Feel The) Illinoise

The Weeks – “Buttons”  (Comeback Cadillac)

This Mississippi-based band’s members are all under 20 years old. Wonder if they’re tired of all of the Kings of Leon comparisons? Curious to see what they’ll sound like when they finally find their own true sound. I’m rooting for them.

Mint – “The Winter of 1985″  (Magnetism)

Meatloaf - “Rock n’ Roll Dreams Come True”  (Box of Gold)

I’m not sure how Meatloaf snuck into my playlist?… but yes “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams” do still come true, even if it’s just temporarily.

ELO/The Move – “Do Ya”

I think I squealed when I heard the cowbell kick in I love Jeff Lynne’s vocals. More cowbell please!

Ace Frehley’s cover on Trouble Walkin’ is cool too though– in that big drums, big guitar kinda way and his version’s video has all of the perfect 80’s cheesiness (Do ya Do ya want the Ace?!), but sadly no cowbell. See for yourself:

Nuclear Assault – “Defiled Innocence”  (Third World Genocide)
I don’t like all Thrash Metal, but I do like Nuclear Assault.

The Magic Magicians – “Bored Ticket Taker”
Finally a band from the area of gloomy weather and green green grass (Seattle). Confession: I hate band names that use the word Magic and they do it twice (all in one bandname!), but I do like this song.

David Bowie – “87 and Cry”  (Never Let me Down)

I had not heard this song in forever, love this song.

Urge Overkill – “God Flinstone” (Americruiser/Jesus Urge Superstar)

Most people are most familiar with Urge Overkill for their cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” from it’s placement on Pulp Fiction

Rilo Kiley – “Portions for Foxes”  (More Adventurous)

This is one of those songs I can pull out time after time and I don’t get sick of. It’s probably that demanding “C’mere!” that gets me :).

Chris Isaak – “Solitary Man”  (San Francisco Days)

Hmmm…apparently when the weather is gloomy I like to listen to Neil Diamond Covers? This is my favorite Neil Diamond song actually.

My Soundtrack: April, What I’m Listening To – Miss Amanda Jones

Ms Amanda Jones is currently listening to:

The ToadiesNo Deliverance

I love this band!!! This is the band that if you ride in my car you will come to know well. I play their albums constantly. They had a couple of hit songs in the 90’s, an album that almost didn’t come out (Hell Below/Stars Above), and a break up. This is the band that I would google to see what was going on with them even after they were broken up. All of us know break-ups don’t always last forever! So imagine my surprise when I read in 2006 around St Patty’s day,that they WERE getting together to play a show – in Texas!? I quickly tried to imagine how I would get there…but eventually realized I couldn’t. Still I held out hope. And then….through the grapevine I hear they are back together!!! AND a new album is coming, and better yet – they are going to be playing in Los Angeles!!! I buy tickets for the man that I live with, and torture with my Toadies CD’s, and we go to The Roxy in the fall of 2008. The show kicks my ass, I lose my voice and I get their new CD. The new CD is fucking awesome.

It’s the Toadies! Todd Lewis (I thought his name was Vaden?) has a voice that kills me and makes me want to scream (in a good way). And the lyrics, jesus, is he really talking about the darkness, things that can kill you in the middle of the night, serial killers, and big bad scary obsessive love!? The music is what rock n roll should always sound like – straight forward rock. Big guitars, great hooks, the stuff that makes you want to raise your hands and pump your fists.