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Get to know one of in TRAffik’s favorite photographers and creative minds…Gabe Enamorado. Gabe is not only talented in his photography but has reached his peak in the business arena as well. This youthful spirited guy sits down to talk to Brandy (“BB)about picture taking, his design company, and his theory on life. The 22-year old seems to have reached many milestones in his career at a young age giving the world plenty of time to see what the evolution of will look like in the years to come. The future is looking pretty bright for this young lad.

(click on images to enlarge)
BB: When did you start taking pics?
GE: In 2005, with a Sony Cybershot camera. I purchased it to photograph the graffiti work I did. Legally, and illegally. 

BB: I know you dabble in different subjects but what is your favorite “thing” to shoot and why?
GE:It definitely has to be cityscapes. Although photographing people is a close tie, there’s something about being alone at 3AM in Downtown Los Angeles that humbles, and soothes me. It was always my way of forgetting my problems. 







“…there’s something about being alone at 3am in Downtown Los Angeles that humbles, and soothes me.”


BB: Who or what inspires you?
GE: I feel it’s my close surroundings that inspire me. The music I listen to, family, friends, cycling, women.. Things like that.

BB: If you could work with any celebrity who would it be and why?
GE: To be honest, None. I don’t ever watch TV, and rarely movies.. I hardly know any celebrities’ names, come to think of it. Haha. If anything, I’d love to collaborate with up and coming musicians or artists that I feel are in the same boat as me. I find the people who struggle to become someone in society to be very interesting. I then know, I’m not alone. 

BB:What style would you classify you work as being?
GE: It’s very hard for me to say, because my work takes many different forms. I suppose the best way to answer this would be raw, with a very clean, minimalistic approach.





BB: What’s your favorite thing about what you do?
GE: Meeting people! Being involved in projects, and having my schedule filled every day. It gets to the point that I cannot sleep because of how many things I have on my plate. Doing other things besides photography is to blame for that, and I love it.

BB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
GE: Working from a loft or my own home, running my business. Riding my custom-made bike everyday (one day…) and being happy with my fat cat. Hahah. Not much, but enough for me.

BB:What 3 things can’t you live without?
GE:In order of importance, my loved ones, my camera, and my bike.

BB: Tell us about your business…what does Gabeone offer?
GE: Apart from photography, I also offer Brand Identity/Design for startups, or companies looking to “refresh” their overall look. Print work, and Videography. The Design & Print aspect of my work is what takes on the clean, minimal aesthetics, which I think balances out the raw nature of my Photo & Video work.

BB: What is the meaning of life to you?
GE: Coming from a non-religous background, I believe there is no meaning. I find it almost arrogant for society to think we’re here to serve a purpose. I believe it’s our job to enjoy our time here, while we can. There’s too much beauty in this world to cloud it with worries about where we’re going to end up.

BB If you could go anywhere in the world to photograph where would it be and why?
GE: All over Europe. I’ve been to Italy before, and it was beautiful. The people, the food. Just their culture in general, I find it all fascinating. And the women, let’s not even go there.

BB: Best of advice you have ever got and actually taken it?
GE: “Gabe, you have to make invoices and contracts.” Yup. 

BB: Your most fulfilling career moment or time?
GE: February of 2010, I held a photo exhibit with a close peer of mine. We called it “AMBIVALENCE”, due to the fact that our styles are very contrasting. 800 people walked in through the doors in a matter of 4 hours. I believe that was the longest I had gone without sleep too, almost 3.5 days straight. Regardless, a 4 month effort perfectly orchestrated, and far exceeded what I expected. It definitely changed the way I felt about what I could achieve in life.

BB. Any shows/events coming up where people can check out your work?
GE: As of right now, no. I’m knee deep in projects with my peers, not to be selfish or anything. But these projects are full effort and involve nearly every aspect of my work, which I hope will be seen by many in the near future.

BB:  Who is your favorite photographer?
GE: I can’t think of photographers or artists that I’m really into. Because, I never really look into them or their work. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but for some reason I feel uninterested in doing so. I’m almost anti-art. It’s weird.

BB: What else ya wanna say?
GE: I want to thank everyone that has been, and is currently, in my life. Fortunately enough, I’ve never really had anyone doubt my success, except for me. I also want to thank the people that have screwed me over in the past, because I at least learned a couple of lessons from them. Most of all, a big thanks to the people who gave me stepping stones to get where I am now. There’s a lot left to conquer but hey, I’ve done a lot for only being 22.

Learn more about Gabe and view more of his work at