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What’s In My Make-Up Bag? From Our Bags to Yours…The Fashion Girls

laughingbbpleatherBefore heading off to PROJECT LAS VEGAS, the TRAffIK Fashion Girls took a look at their current beauty obsessions and must-haves and are sharing them with you.  See below for what get’s them glowing, keeps them moisturized, hydrates them, and what tunes they can’t get out of their heads (because we all need good music to get ready to)

Keep checking back for more from BB and Heather the TRAffIK Fashion Girls and their column REAL FASHION FOR REAL PEOPLE and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter at

Here’s some of what to expect: How-to’s – BB and Heather will show you exactly how to wear some of the hottest new trends as well as accessories you may already own in great new ways, Insider Info from the events that BB and Heather attend or are involved with, like Project Las Vegas (Feb.16-18),  Q &A’s with Fashion Industry Insiders – So that you can continue to learn about the inner workings of the Fashion Industry. They will also tackle any questions that you may have, and Special Features on What to Wear and Where.   




As a listener and collector of music I’ve never been a big fan of the EP format. It always felt like too much work for far too little music. Personally, I always felt as if I was getting force fed leftovers from someone else’s meal. On top of that if you purchased one of these EPs there was a good chance it would be full of remix filler. No one needs four different versions of the same song. That doesn’t scream EP to me That screams OCD. I held this anti EP stance for most of my adult life. Truth be told I’m still kind of standoffish towards them but once Radiohead announced they’d be pushing their future recordings towards an EP existence I felt like it might be time for me to embrace the EP temperament and attention span. Helping this transition was the stellar group of EPs that I came across in 2009. I now present them to you, in list form:

(Year end lists are like crack cocaine to me. I need this to stop. January 1st can not come fast enough!)

10) Yim YamesA Tribute
I’m a sucker for George Harrison and for cover albums so this was an easy choice. Jim James of My Morning Jacket peels away the Phil Spector meddling and leaves you with the stripped down basics of Harrison’s key solo tracks.

Key Track: “My Sweet Lord”

9) Memory CassetteCall & Response
On top of some great tracks this EP was home to the best video of 2009 and the coolest cover art.

Key Track:  “Surfin’ ”

8.) DeloreanAyrton Senna
I was willing to track this band’s EP down thanks to their brilliant remix of the Teenagers “No Love”. It was well worth the effort.

Key Track: “Deli”

7) SuckersSuckers
I had to skip this blurb and come back to it at the end of the list like that annoying person who stares at the menu for an hour and then tells the waitress to come back to them after she’s gotten everyone else’s order. I hate that person…but I could relate as I didn’t have much knowledge of this band. What do you say about a band that is more or less a mystery to you? That’s when I realized that’s the beauty of the shortened EP form. You can go out on a limb and reach for a band you know nothing about at the lower price point. No one wants to drop $11.99 to experience an unknown album or artist. What if it blows. You’d feel like a real Sucker (no pun intended). People are crippled with fear when it comes to picking something unknown that they may not like. I once dated a girl who suffered from the crippling fear that she’d hate everything on a restaurant’s menu. It would usually end with us fleeing the scene and running to the comforting embrace of Subway. If only more restaurants priced their food under $5 maybe she and people like her would be more willing to roll the risk dice. I paid under $4 for this Suckers EP and was pleasantly surprised . This Brooklyn band sounded like part Modest Mouse part Clap Your Hands. Not bad. Not bad at all. Lesson learned: Embrace the unknown. After listening to these four tracks I found myself wanting more. Lucky for me the band signed with a major label last month and are currently recording their label major debut LP.

Key Track: “Easy Chairs”

6) El Perro Del MarLove is Not Pop
The way Sweden churns out beautiful blond moody songstresses one might think that they’re interchangeable Ikea parts. They’re not. El Perro Del Mar is the rich man’s Lykke Li. “Change of Heart” slays me every time.

Key Track: “Change of Heart”

5) Animal CollectiveFall Be Kind
It’s nice to see the darlings of the indie rock circuit not resting on the laurels of Merriweather Post Pavilion. Instead they released Fall Be Kind, an EP of songs that push even more sonic boundaries. Take that, Grizzly Bear, you good for nothing slackers.

Key Track: “What Would I Want? “,”Sky” (more…)