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“Any NY transplants who blew their noses the next day would instantly be taken back to Randall’s Island [Lollapalooza] circa 1994-1997.”


FYF: The Experience: With it looking like The Detour Fest will never be returning, I find myself becoming more and more protective of the FYF Fest.  Much has been written about the logistical snafus of Saturday’s 7th Annual FYF Fest and I’m here to weigh in..  Common complaints about water prices, set delays, and ungodly long lines have probably done enough to scare people off for next year, and that’s a damn shame.  Let me try and put things into perspective for some people who are losing their shit.  For $20 I was able to see a slew of my current favorite artists on a beautiful day in Downtown LA, mere miles from my house.  Sure the lines were long, but with a little logic and some help from your wingmen and women you could work through the hiccups. Someone in your group wants a cheese-steak and you want beer? Expecting to be able to do both is unrealistic at any festival - Break off into groups and pick a spot to meet back up at.  Also, don’t expect to rely on your cell phones or texts.  You gotta work these things old school style.  Maybe FYF is catching more grief because it was 90 degrees and we were sitting in a glorified dirt farm.  It made many people miserable, but it made me feel a sense of nostalgia for the old days of the traveling Lollapalooza.  Any NY transplants who blew their noses the next day would instantly be taken back to Randall’s Island circa 1994-1997.  If anything, I wish it were not an all ages show because the longest lines of the day were for the beer tents and the VIP Cha Cha tent, but I understand the kids need their music too.

A lot was made about the lack of water access, but maybe I’m a hardened vet because I was throwing down R.B.V’s 2-3 at a time with no regard for hydration and I had a fantastic time.  My trick:  I had a quiet Friday night.  All of those suckers who were blacking out on Friday night were wilting in the heat while I was feeling like gold.  Gloriously drunk gold. My one true complaint, if I had any, is that perhaps the promoters took on more than they could chew, artist wise. I would have liked longer sets as I often felt like some bands were just getting into a groove when the schedule was forcing them off the stage.  So there you have it, they offered me too much music. Those bastards.

FYF: The Bands: We came for the bands right?  Not for hot dogs, t-shirts, or f’n water.  I was able to hit most of my mapped out artists (sans Wavves) and they were terrific as expected.  My pal Tom (who took some fantastic pics, after the jump) labeled Wavves’ “King of the Beach” as the day’s highlight, even if a good deal of the rest of their set was mired in some bass sound issues.  I can’t speak on Wavves behalf, so I’ll go ahead and split my nod between Titus Andronicus and Delorean.  Both acts shined and had perfectly timed slots.  Mind you when I say perfectly timed I am not referring to them being on time (I’m looking at you Delorean) but the marriage between their sound and the atmosphere surrounding their stage.  The sun burning down on the crowd while dirt clouds kicked up when they kicked into “A More Perfect Union” was an awesome moment. Another friend who never spoke of his love for Titus more or less lost his mind and ran for the pit.  This is a kid who usually rocks out to old school Snoop and Dre so it was a beautiful sight to behold. Delorean far and away blew every previous act out of the water. I feel bad for anyone who left early during the 30-40 minute delay between their set and School of Seven Bells. They owned the stage and the crowd in a way that no other act before them had. Their dance chill wave sound matched with the Boogie Nights screen back drop (Amber Waves never looked so good!), flashing lights,and the occasional passing train turned the National Historical Park into the coolest outdoor dance-club that LA has ever seen.



Local Natives



from left to right : Growlers (pictured left and center) and Cults (pictured right)



from left to right: Vetiver (pictured top left top) and Warpaint







Last labor day weekend I ran my bike into a parking meter (and then because of that into a Stop sign, whose instruction I was clearly unable to adhere to) after far too many cocktails which led to a brutal toe injury and a need for new lens in my glasses…so I’m looking forward to a more music and less booze filled weekend this year, highlighted by the FYF Fest.  FYF is less than a week away and it is time to start mapping out a game plan.  The set times were recently announced and it’s looking like it will be an amazing day.   Planning these things out ahead of time is always a mistake because your friends will torpedo your well thought out logistics by, depending on who you bring: blacking out during the second set, potentially crying, getting lost, threatening to fight hipsters who they know will back down because they are more or less defense-less in their skinny jeans, hanging at the food court and insisting it has been their life long dream to eat 20 hot dogs in one day.  Your best bet is to decide on a place to reconvene at the end of the night and just hope for the best. Even still I can’t help myself so I’ve been mapping out the day in my head.

1:00 The Oak Stage: Magic Kids

Del says: Assuming I will be in Downtown LA @ 1pm after whatever occurs on a Friday night is giving my friends and I far too much credit.  That said if we get there that early this would be my selection.

1:40 The Sequoia StageCults
Del says: It’ll be 83 and sunny D-Town on Saturday. A perfect day for an end of summer music festival.   I can’t think of a better track to start the day with then Cults’ “Go Outside“. That extra 40 minutes will make all the difference for the rest of the day too.  I’m excited to see this band as I only really know three of their songs.  Normally I hate seeing artists whose music I’m unfamiliar with…but I have a feeling that won’t be the case with the Cults.

2:45 The Oak Stage: Best Coast
Del Says:  Best Coast’s “Crazy For You” is slowly becoming one of my more favorite albums of 2010.  I’m surprised this band is playing so early in the day.  I have no grasp on the popularity of bands I guess. To me this is like doing a fantasy draft and watching a stud player continue to go undrafted. “Why isn’t he getting picked? What don’t I know?” are the thoughts that run through my mind as I’m paralyzed with fear.  Note:  Warpaint will be playing over at the Redwood Stage at 3pm.  I’ve seen them twice already so I’ll be passing, but I recommend checking them out if you like all girl bands that thrash..and you might be able to see Shannyn Sossaman watching her sister Jenny Lee rock out.  Rounding out the female driven trifecta for this time block are the Screaming Females. I love their track “I Don’t Mind It”..but I refuse to miss Best Coast.

4:25 The Oak Stage: Wavves
Del says: After Best Coast there will be a nice window of opportunity for people to grab beers, hit the food trucks  God how I hope The Grill Em All Truck will be there. If not I’ll just save my rocking for Wavves.  ”King of the Beach” has been a favorite of mine and the rest of Intraffik since it came out. I’m imaging Wavves will attract a real mookish following full of bros with neon plastic shades and Hayden-esque haircuts but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Fuck I just referenced a Big Brother cast member while also sounding like one. Please kill me now.

5:45  The Redwood Stage:  Local Natives
Del says: I missed them when they toured Spaceland and the Bootleg so I’ll be rectifying those errors on Saturday.  I really wish I saw them at those tiny venues because  I’m going to guess that this band is going to have the biggest daytime gathering of all the bands in the lineup.  They’re the local darlings out of all of these local darlings, David Byrne has given them his seal of approval, and they’re only going to get bigger.

6:15 The Oak Stage: Titus Andronicus
Del says: They rock. Hard. Their show at the Bootleg was the only “indie” show I’ve been to in LA where I witnessed actual moshing.  They should not be skipped!

7:35 The Sequoia Stage: Washed Out
Del says: You couldn’t ask for a more polar opposite band from the previous act.  Washed Out will be a great sonic pallet cleanser and their sound will be the perfect soundtrack to watching the sun set over downtown LA.

8:10 The Sequoia Stage: Cold Cave
Del says: Get your inner Joy Division on with this Ian Curtis and Co sounding band.

9:10 The Sequoia Stage: School of Seven Bells
9:20 The Redwood Stage: !!!
Del says: This is the only conflict I have for the FYF Fest. This is the driving force for today’s piece. A few months ago this would have been a no brainer for me.  I’ve always been quite fond of !!!.  I loved their album “Myth Takes”…but then the School of Seven Bells went and threw a monkey wrench into my plans by releasing “Disconnect from Desire”    This week is the deciding period.  I’ve put SOSBs and !!! in a play list and I’ll see who I gravitate towards by the end of the week…but !!! are already behind the 8 ball because they’ll require a stage change where as School of Seven Bells will offer me the opportunity to stay put.  I’m opposed to walking. Truth be told I think my mind is already made up.  I got hooked on  ”Disconnect from Desire” right from the get go in a way that never happened with !!!’s newest release “Strange Weather, Isn’t It”.  It’s not to say that !!!’s album is bad, because it isn’t, but it didn’t replicate the “Myth Takes” love I once had.  I know they’re going to get their dance funk on so hard on Saturday so that’s the only thing keeping me from inking in the School of the Seven Bells.  Who would you choose?

!!! – Strange Weather, Isn’t It?

Highlights: “Jamie”, “My Intentions Are Bass”, “AM/FM”, “The Most Certain Sure”
School of Seven Bells – Disconnect From Desire

Highlights: “Windstorm,” “Heart is Strange,” “Bye Bye Bye,” “ILU”

10:10 The Sequoia Stage: Delorean
Del says: Delorean at the Echo was a great show.  I love The Echo and I love Delorean. Subiza is a fantastic album.  Please go revisit it if you haven’t yet downloaded it.  I have a feeling some babies will be made during their set!

11:10 The Sequoia Stage: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Del says: Not only do I love their most recent album “Before Today” but I need to see Ariel Pink as part of a redemption project for them.  You see I saw them earlier this year at Echoplex and of course it was a sucktacular time because…well…no shows are ever good at Echoplex. It’s a fact. I’ve yet to have a pleasant experience there. Echoplex, why can’t you be more like the Echo? Ariel Pink can erase that bad memory with a good set at FYF.

DELTRON 3030 RECOMMENDED: Wavves- King of the Beach

Last year was a whirlwind year for Nathan Williams, a.k.a Wavves.

He released a homemade LP full of frantic fuzz that was critically praised for its energy and originality, highlighted by the lo-fi ode to suburban loserdom, “No Hope Kids.

He had an epic meltdown in Barcelona which resulted in his drummer pouring a beer on Nate’s head mid-set and quitting the band all while the Spanish crowd pelted him with bottles.

He got into a war of words with the Black Lips who accurately stated “I’ve heard stories from others that he’s like a real dick. And just like a baby, thought he was really cool.” Of course this quote led to a fight between “The Lips” and Wavves…in of all places Williamsburg. Classic Jets vs Sharks shit right there.

All of this was to be expected. He was a mere 22 years old and given the keys to the hipster kingdom. What did you people expect. Not helping matters was he looked like the raven-haired twin of Joey from the Real World Cancun, a supreme ass clown of epic proportions. Some people just give off a vibe that makes you want to punch them. In Nate’s defense, if people ran around documenting the kind of shenanigans I was getting into at 22 I’m sure I’d be stamped with a similar “dickhole” label.

Exactly one year after the Barcelona incident, Wavves is ready to outgrow that label and release his new album, “King of the Beach.” From the looks of it he seems all grown-up. Musically speaking that is. I’m sure he’s still an unbearable jerk-off, but people will be more willing to let him slide now. (more…)